Ranking of yacht charter companies in Croatia


Yacht charter ranking


Huge numbers of fishes and pleasing aquarium in the center of Sibenik offered magnificent memories for us. You have to wish yacht to arrive at the Sibenik town as it provides breathtaking and exhilarating moments. We took a long walk in Cascate Krka as we liked that good-looking place. You should travel around the delights of Sibenik once in your life span. We never seen city like this before as it is built around the hills.


We spent a stirring time in the outdoor café and I cannot disregard those experiences in our life. Even we enjoyed the huge shopping in that place and so you have to trip Sibenik town once in your survival. Plenty of meat and seafood items are available at sensible prices. We had a very tasty food at inexpensive prices in the restaurants. We liked the customer-friendly and respectful service in the restaurant.

 Yacht in Croatia - winner!


Unforgettable vacation in our lifetime – Hvar

Our holiday experience in Croatia cannot be forgotten in our lifetime. I share our great tour experience and its delights in high range. We were set ready with the most interesting places in Croatia and we booked our hotels for accommodations in advance to avoid last minute hassles. We started our first day in Hvar. Transportation towards that place was fascinating and trouble-free. We rented a sailing boat to explore the islands in high range. Pakleni Islands were the great way to spend our day with more pleasure and enjoyments. We had an opportunity to view lots of beaches that are eye-catching and noticeable.

Unbelievable views present at Hvar Fortress made our life to look in a different manner. We took a bit of walk to sit and observe the great view of sunset over the town. Restaurants and exhibitions did not ask us to spend more amounts. Once you are on Hvar Island, you should not miss the delight of visiting fortress in any case. Beautiful views made us to forget our hectic life. The walk taken by us to this place was really worth and appeal. Huge gatherings of amphora and other antiquities are present in Hvar fortress.

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Ranking of yacht charter companies in Croatia

Here you will find the best ranking of companies that offer yacht charter in Croatia.

We split the ranking into many categories, and we also used many advanced yacht charter and yacht search critera. And the best company in sailing industry, with charters od Bavaria 45 Cruiser, Hanse 445 and Dufour Grand Large is company Velmundi – best wishes from Croatia! They have the cheapest prices for yacht offers.

Yacht charter ranking in Croatia


Korcula is the major island in Croatia Country. The majority of the people recognize this island as little Dubrovnik. We got a prospect to trip the thick forests and we all got a wonderful experience in this dispatch. We really enjoyed this huge island and we not at all forget the pleasant experience. We settled at a hotel and there we had a surprising pastime and unbeaten services. More than a small number of sights are included in this island like palaces, churches and even more.

Night life in the city was an incredible time that we never had in our life. Brilliant lights and cool gentle wind took us to live a sacred existence. We rented a yacht charter to reach Pupnatska Luca Beach. It was really a fantastic beach and there were more numbers of convenient parking places. The beach was not too crowded so we got a chance to view this beach in great season.

There are many interesting yachts, which you can rent in Croatia. Really. There are Bavaria 40 Cruiser with bow thruster, there are Sun Odyssey 449 with its new line, also there is a great line of brand new catamarans Lagoon 450, which offer space to the guests. You can charter Sailing yachts like Lagoon 440 from Split, Dubrovnik, Pula and Sibenik. There are really many of Last minute offers for the bareboat charter here:

Yacht charter Croatia with Velmundi – great choice of boats for rent, great prices, many Last Minute offers, huge discounts




We discovered the delight of blue cave in Bisevo. We did not see these wonderful bright blue reflections in our lifetime. The cave was really awesome and it is worth for visit. The trip in the yacht was mind-blowing as we got a chance to stare on beautiful views of different islands. The travelling experience on the yacht was really safe and hassle-free. Services offered by the yacht team satisfied our needs in the best manner. You should never miss this blue cave delights in your life span. Tripping all over the places in Croatia were fun-filled and so we had a wonderful time as a family. Foods and accommodations were affordable and we did not spend extra amounts from pocket. Adventure experiences in boat and islands made us to plan our next holiday trip to this great country.

A great chance to visit heaven-like destination – Zagreb

Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia

We planned to visit Zagreb which is a center city of Croatia. It is entirely situated on linking routes. We discovered in cathedrals, medieval towers and markets and so it is the most excellent city to stay in your vacation. We thought to stay one day to take pleasure in all good-looking delights in high range. Zagreb is measured to be the heart of modern culture. We booked a room in a luxury hotel. We actually amazed the occurrence of staying in hotel as because of responsive services. Croatia is a wonderful destination filled with delightful islands.

Museum of Broken Relationship is actually a distinctive and imaginative museum that we ever had seen in our lifetime. It is really appeal of visiting it. When we took a look about the museum, we used to examine the fright and gloomy stories of breaking relationship. Each and every object demonstrated us dissimilar kinds of breakup stories. The structural designs of museum in fact take me to a new-fangled experience. Tall buildings are transformed as observer’s platform. It is an outstanding chance to view every bit of the capital from the buildings. We had a thought to see the whole view of city and so we favored to enjoy the delight of Zagreb eye.


Dubrovnik is said to be the treasure of Adriatic. We got a chance to understand the civilization of Croatia people in this place. We felt like heaven while staying in this great location. Lots of entertainment places like theatre, harmony and even more are present in this city. Using a rental boat, we stared on all attractive places in high range. The boat rental helped us to reach the place on time.

We never forget this unforgettable experience in our existence. Flavorsome sandwiches in the beach and enjoyable time with our family made us to spend a pleased time. You have to visit this astonishing location once in your survival. Due to its good-looking place and exciting exploit, we planned our next holiday in this place. Unbelievable sea view and eatery foods altered our holiday as a treasured experience.


Seaside pleasures are mostly filled in this city. Split is a very big city in Croatia. We rented a yacht charter to travel around nearby places without any hassles. Eye-catching beaches made us to take an evening walk and we enjoyed a great time. The yacht experience cannot be forgotten in our lifetime Diocletian’s palace is a great delight of this city. Tourists will miss this beautiful place. We explored the chronological things in the palace and had passive time in it. You have to come to this fortress and take pleasure in the delights of it. Impression in the restaurants helped as to have a vast evening time with no any hassles. We travelled all around in the palace and we had a tasty and delicious lunch at a very famous restaurant. We suggest you to plan your holiday trip to Croatia to enjoy its immense pleasures and delights.

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